Columbia Straw Supply

supporting sustainable agriculture

Wheat prices vary. Columbia Straw Supply prices stay the same.

  • $40/ton: Stacked Road Side

  • $55/ton: Delivered

  • $60/ton: Delivered more than 25,000 tons/yr

  • $62/ton: A *self-performer who delivered, more than 25,00 tons/yr

We tell everyone what we pay. We pay everyone the same.

For additional information or to discuss next year’s straw contracts, please contact General Manager David Eller on his office phone (509) 399-2032 or his cell phone (816) 674-0027.

Stop burning and tilling. turn your straw waste into a predictable revenue stream.

  • Straw Type: Long-strand wheat

  • Harvest Method: Swathed

  • Location: Within 100 miles of Columbia Pulp

  • Quantity: 25,000 tons/yr

*self-performers keep a loader at CSS stack yard and use an app to scale and unload their own straw, allowing them to extend delivery hours.

Join us in creating a new business opportunity for the region.

the future is straw.